Soundproof Booths

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Sound Insulation

The one-piece polymer sound insulation board adopts an acoustic row cavity structure inside. The material meets the international level 6 sound insulation standard.

Ventilation Fan

Silent fan 16DB with an air volume of 80 m3 , which can recycle the air in the booth within 4 min


A 4000K infared auto-sensing LED light is installed in the warehouse, 150XLS in standard to meet the daylight accuracy.

Locking System

Specially designed door lock - gently press the door handle and the door will tightly press the double-layer EPDM strip so that the sound insulation effect will be maximum.

Acoustic Interior

Around 60% of interior material is covered with acoustic material. The panel is 12mm thick and has a density of 7.8kg.

With its soundproofing qualities, the glass dampens the soundwaves that fall on it and reflects them back to their original source.

Sound Insulation Hollow Glass

Sound Insulation Hollow Glass
Aluminum Frame

Aluminium Frame

Aluminum is a very desirable metal because it is more malleable and elastic than steel. Aluminum can go places and create shapes that steel cannot, often forming deeper or more intricate spinnings. Especially for parts with deep and straight walls, aluminum is the material of choice.

Exterior color

Interior color

Noise Reduction

Open office layouts can often be noisy and disruptive, making it difficult for employees to concentrate. Silentbooths create a quiet and isolated environment, allowing individuals to focus and be more productive without .distractions

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The New Workspace

How soundproof office pods enhance focus and collaboration in the workplace

Enhance concentration and collaboration with soundproof office pods. Immerse yourself in a realm of genuine sound clarity through our meticulously calibrated technology. Say goodbye to distractions as you delve into your work, whether it’s crafting presentations, engaging in video calls, or simply pursuing undisturbed focus.

Industry-Leading Quality

Redefine Your Workday with Patented Acoustic & Airflow Technology

  • Top-tier sound isolation
  • Soft acoustics eliminating echoes
  • Continuous airflow for ventilation
  • Ideal lighting for video calls and concentrated work